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Support Programs

Your support helps us enhance existing programs and allows us to ensure that our tenants are receiving the support they need now. 

Generating Affordable Possibilities (GAP) Program

In 2013 BOBHA opened Columbus Place; the first BOBHA owned and operated building which boasts 77 units of below market rental housing. Columbus Place rents are fixed at below market rates ($680 one bedroom; $962 two bedrooms) but for many tenants, while significantly better than market rent, is still unaffordable. The GAP program is a direct rental subsidy program which helps to off-set the rents of the most in need tenants at Columbus Place. It was created because we believe that households should not be forced to choose between paying rent, putting food on the table or affording medication or transportation. Currently 15% of tenants at Columbus Place are in Extreme Housing Need and 64% are in Core Housing Need. This leaves tenants with very little money for other basic needs such as food and transportation.

Thanks to the dedicated support of private donors, and some grant funding, BOBHA has been able to support an average of 9 households per year, allowing them some financial breathing room so they don't feel forced to choose between the basic necessities of life.

The GAP program continues to grow, as does the need. In order to fully fund the program, BOBHA needs to raise $126,000 annually to ensure all tenants are paying no more than 30% of their income towards rent.

By supporting the GAP Program, you are giving a household the gift of stability and helping us give vulnerable Calgarians a safe and affordable place to call home and build their lives.


On-Site Supports

Columbus Place has a Tenant Resource Person that assists tenants in accessing community programs and resources. Being able to provide a higher level of support to vulnerable tenants once they graduate from agency partner programs that have helped them transition out of homelessness is a priority area of development and operational fundraising for BOBHA. Ensuring appropriate supports will allow individuals to continue to live successfully in the community.


These programs are made possible by individuals, families, organizations and corporations that have chosen to give. We thank all of our supporters for their continued support and dedication; We could not do what we do without you!