knitting for a cause

Helping Hands

The seniors from Carroll Place have joined forces with fellow knitters in the Brentwood community. They have knit well over 1,000 sets of hats, mitts and scarves for those in need including donations to local schools, new immigrants and international causes. In 2017 the knitting club is knitting the Calgary Police Service sweaters for their teddy bears and contributing to the Scarf Bombing Project for homeless and vulnerable Calgarians in need of winter wear.

All of the material used by the knitting club is donated. If you have any wool, needles, stuffing or filling around the house or even old but clean duvets, pillows or cushions that have filling, we would be more than happy to take them off your hands!

If you would like to donate materials or know of an organization that helps vulnerable populations and is interested in hand-made knitting, please contact Lynne Berry, Tenant Resource Person at 403-282-6565.